Wood Fires

Ipswich Skylights supply and install wood heaters including:
Kemlan, Masport, Osburn, Warmglo, Burning Log, Thermalux and Gourmet Cooker.

Ipswich Skylights are also available to help you plan or the winter months. They have a complete range of fire accessories including:
tool sets, flue brushes, soot, loose, putties, replacement fire bricks. If you don't want to do it yourself they also offer a flue cleaning and wood fire servicing treatments.

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KEMLAN woodfires
   [Clean Burning Slow Combustion Heaters]
  • KEMLAN SuperNova
    Inbuild / Insert
    Bioburn Fires


MASPORT woodfires   [Triple Air Combustion Technology]
  • VELUX electric
    Traditional Radiant Fires
    Freestanding & Insert/Inbuild Wood Fires


OSBURN woodfires
   [High quality and unique design for your comfort]
  • KEMLAN SuperNova
    EPA certified


WARMGLO woodfires
   ['Double Burn' Slow Combustion Wood Fires]
  • WARMGLO Ranger
    A tradition in design excellence and production dependability
    CLEAN BURN Combustion system


Thermalux woodfires
   [Australian made for Australian conditions]
  • Thermalux Stirling
    "Stirling" ... What a Sterling Idea
    The pinnacle of the Thermalux range of cookers & boilers

    Style is important,The Thermalux simple lines will suit all decor
Gourmet cooker
   [The New Gourmet Cooker a Tasteful Addition]
  • Gourmet Cooker
    Excellence in Innovation
    Large Space Heating Ability


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